Down Syndrome Doesn’t Define Someone’s Life.

Our goal is to spread hope and catalyze growth in the community of those with learning differences.




For those with special needs to thrive, to grow, and to achieve what some may say is “impossible,” families must be given hope about their future, and communities must be educated on their abilities.

Together, communities and families must believe those with special needs are capable of overcoming challenges and are capable of leading fulfilling lives. This hope and inspiration fuels persistence to push through the challenges life brings. On the other side of challenges are breakthroughs. These breakthroughs lead to freedom and victory over barriers that keep those with special needs from amazing opportunities.

Bloom Hope supports those with learning differences by advocating for their lives, providing resources for them and their families, and celebrating the full and abundant lives they can lead.


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“I’ve seen individuals with special needs undervalued, excluded, and misunderstood. I founded Bloom Hope to shatter the glass ceiling of expected limitations, unlock the door of unexpected opportunities, and unleash unprecedented potential by spreading hope and empowering growth.” – Phoebe Meadows

Our first film project will tell the story of how a change in perspective can change the lives of those with special needs. You can be a part of this project.

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