Chloe’s love story

Chloe gleamed as she told the story of how Jason asked her to be his girlfriend. She explained to us that he took her out to a nice dinner on Valentine’s Day. Afterward, they walked to a little courtyard tucked away in the heart of Atlanta. Then Jason got on one knee, even though he was only asking her to be in a relationship. With a smile out of this world, Chloe said her hands were shaking as she opened up the valentine gift he had wrapped just for her. It was a golden locket with two hearts. This gift was not only a locket. It was a dream come true for Chloe. A victory. And with this locket, came the loving words from Jason.

“I want to protect and love you with all my heart. Will you be in a relationship with me?”

Chloe replied, “Yes, Yes, Yes, a thousand times.”

Flashback with me with years earlier.

Whenever the topic of relationships popped up in conversation, Chloe’s eyes would light up. She would always let me know what couple got engaged on Facebook, who was in a relationship with who or what couples where getting married. It was like I had my relationship news update when I talked to Chloe. This came in handy when I ran into mutual friends of hers and mine. Never missed a “Congrats” when I was with Chloe. If I could name her top movies, it would be:

1. Wedding Planner
2. Cinderella
3. The Choice

Even as little girls, Chloe would tell me of how she longed to get married. Chloe was just was just like every other girl, dreaming of the day she would meet prince charming.

As her sister, there was nothing more I wanted more for her! I remembered thinking, “How is this going to work?” As I watched her love story unfold, my questions began to fade as I saw how capable Chloe was to love to someone and be loved.

Were there days where Chloe thought this season might never come? Absolutely! But…what girl doesn’t feel this same feeling at some point in their life? I know I have.

Then, in what seemed like another ordinary day, a “suppperrr tall and cute” guy waved to her at her work.


Meet Jason. Like Chloe, he had the desire to find the woman of his dreams. He told me when he first waved at Chloe, she half-smiled and let out a little giggle. He thought she was “suppper cute.” So he wanted to move to the “next step.” Getting her number.

Not knowing the previous events which happened earlier, I practically jumped across the room when I heard Chloe talking to this nice guy on the phone. Being a typical sister, as Chloe was trying to have this conversation, I was peppering her with questions.

This connection was the first of many conversations, where Chloe and Jason started developing a beautiful friendship.

Flash forward a couple of years now to the day Jason is going to ask Chloe to be his bride. Chloe doesn’t know it, but Jason has planned a day to pamper her completely. He has been planning this day for a long time, and the ring has practically burned a hole in his pocket.

For Jason, it was essential to fill this day with surprises that had meaning to them, and would make Chloe feel like a princess. At each surprise location, Chloe was given a clue and greeted with friends and family all across the country. Talk about prince charming.


At one of the last stops, Chloe was led by her friends to a fitting room where a gorgeous dress was waiting for her.

Chloe was ready. With her hair done, her family and friends, a pit stop at an ice cream store, and a breathtaking dress she walked out of the car to her final location. My dad and mom led her up the stairs to a helicopter pad where Jason was waiting.
The first words that came out of Jason’s mouth were, “Oh my goodness, you look beautiful.” Then he began to sing to her the song by Jason Maraz, “ I Won’t Give Up On Us.” As he got on
one knee, for the second time, he said, “Chloe, will you marry me?”

Obviously, Chloe said yes. Seeing them embrace each other, knowing they will have each other for the rest of their lives, was one of the most reassuring, extraordinary things I have ever witnessed. Then hand in hand, they stepped into the helicopter.

While they didn’t ride into the sunset, they flew into it.